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PGW 338 Lapua Timberwolf Excels with an MPOD



Hello Jerry,

Here are some more pics of the PGW .338 Timberwolf as well as my PGW .308 Coyote. Noticed something, the .308 Coyote is missing your MPOD. Let’s work on that…..haha
The .338 Timberwolf is my very prized addition to my collection. It’s perfomance is outstanding for all distances.


Thanks for all that made 2014 the best year for Mystic Precision Inc.  Your support is greatly appreciated and I look forward to helping you in 2015 meet your precision shooting needs.

Over the last 4 months, the Canadian Dollar has been hammered with the fall of crude oil pricing.  As I type this (Jan 8, 15), the currency has fallen about 16% since last Jan and most US manf have raised pricing for 2015 3 to 10%.  Yep, prices just took a great big jump.

Effective immediately, all pricing on the site is wrong (some instock inventory will still enjoy 2014 pricing but that will change once new stuff arrives).  This will be updated as soon as I can and that likely isn’t going to be ” fast”

Pretty obvious that I am a gun guy NOT a website guy and you have been keeping me busy so less time for the site (I am definitely not complaining)

I am working to simplify the site presentation so that it will be easier and faster for me to update.  More text, less pics…. boring but hopefully, more current.

Please contact me at info@mysticprecision.com or PM on CGN (Mystic Precision) for quotes and up to date pricing.  Things are going to be very volatile and every price listed is subject to change without notice.

Hopefully the dollar will stabilise and even climb but for the next while, things are going to get a whole lot more expensive.

Thanks for your understanding and continued support.


IMG_0394Pierce Engineering Custom Receivers

2013 and 2014 has been a very good year for the folks at Pierce Engineering with shooters using their superb custom actions taking top spots at some of America’s biggest Matches.

Mystic Precision, working with Black Art Rifle Company, are thrilled to offer all Pierce Engineering products including the very desireable TITANIUM actions.

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Instock Barrels – Jan 8, 2015

Due to comments from competition and accuracy minded shooters, I will be stocking some common Shilen and Krieger barrel blanks.  I will expand this list as demand dictates so let me know what are your favorite specs:

Barrel Blanks – require gunsmith installation

Inventory as of Jan 8, 15 – this will change constantly so email your interest.

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I am thrilled to announce that my MPOD will now be produced by Evolution Gun Works (EGW). Many will know of their great scope bases, rings and 1911 parts.

Their quality of manufacture and attention to detail have really moved the MPOD to a new level. A few new tweaks have been made to the design to improve rigidity and tracking even more.


you can see them on FACEBOOK

Pics of the plates being laser engraved – ENGRAVING PICS

The MPOD keeps getting better and new features will be added this year.