MDT TAC 21 and LSS Chassis for Rem 700 SA/LA, Savage, Tikka, Mossberg

I am very happy to announce that Mystic Precision will be a dealer for this new for 2011 Rem 700 SA chassis made by MDT. Produced right here in BC, it is CNC from the best ingredients and given a milspec anodizing that not only looks great but will stand up to alot of hard use.

Combining AR stocks and grips, the ergonomics are second to none and easily customized with the large range of AR accessories.

The chassis consists of “upper and lower” halves which encapsulates the action holding it rigidly in place and has the trigger guard and det mag hardware; the forend with a full picantinny rail, cooling vents and shaped for comfortable hold, and the rear stock attachment.

This part is easily removed with a push pin so that bolt removal and cleaning is straightforward. Any AR buttstock buffer tube and stock can be attached. Because the rear attachment is so easily removed, multiple stocks can be married to the same stock depending on application.

The chassis is easy to install but holds the action rigidly in place for the best possible accuracy. The chassis lowers the boreline of the stock relative to the buttstock so recoil is straight through the shoulder with little vertical jumping and canting.

Feedback from shooters has been very positive and this stock has been well received by LE, Military and Civilian customers.

As this product is considered a stock and not a firearm, I am able to export this anywhere in the world that your local laws allow.

Be the first to enjoy one of the most innovative and exciting tactical and accuracy accessories to hit the market in a while. Black is the only colour available at this time.



For Savage shooters, the SA IS NOW AVAILABLE.  $690 w/o mags or AR bits.

LSS – all SA models $399;     LA $449


Regular Price: $690.00

Sale Price : $690

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