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CONGRATS to US shooter Nik Taylor for becoming the 2013 FTR World Champion  shot in Raton, NM this Aug.   While competing in both the US Nationals and World Championships, Nik put the MPOD with Long Legs under his rifle.  I handed Nik his MPOD on the Sunday, day before the US Nationals.

World-FCNC 014 World-FCNC 027


Robby Burton (on the right), a member of Nik’s BNX/21st Century rifle team, also shot with the MPOD to a 25th place at the Worlds.  Congrats for such a fine showing.  Also, happy to hear that the MPOD helped you shoot your best score at 1000yds  (199 with a high X count).

Me And Jr.


Given their success, Nik asked if the MPOD could be the Teams official Bipod and given the 2nd place showing at the Rutland Cup (4 man team at the Worlds), I was thrilled to agree.  I wish you and your team continued success and look forward to hear reports on your team results.

It was a great pleasure to meet shooters from around the World who have  also found the MPOD their FTR bipod of choice.

World-FCNC 009 World-FCNC 022


World-FCNC 091

Great Britain


World-FCNC 062


World-FCNC 083

World-FCNC 085


Me And Jr.


World-FCNC 006 World-FCNC 007 ME Raton Pictures 356

Canada – My rifle, and me with my Canadian FTR Team World Championship Silver Medal


CONGRATS to Chris O of the US National FTR team for setting a new 300yds NRA F TR US National Record (Police Class).   Score shot was 150-12X (150-15x possible).   Match was held on May 11, 2013 at Albany NY

Mike from Australia writes:  “  Hello Jerry,

I have been using your bipod almost continuously for the past two months. I can say without hesitation that it is the best non-tactical bipod I have ever used. It is light, immensley rigid and counteracts torque very well indeed. Once properly set up, it requires very little adjustment between stages.


Mike”  Dec 2013

If you compete in FTR and concerned about the weight, stability and tracking/bounce of your bipod, I would like to introduce you to the Mystic Precision MPOD.

Custom Rem 700 Shilen 223Rem, AI stocked customer rifle – Thanks Paul for the great pic

Another happy user with a great looking tactical rig.  Thanks Jeff


05312013080-001 (1)



The MPODs are made from aircraft grade aluminum with quality steel hardware and lugs for durability and a long life.  The exterior is a milspec  hard Anodizing which not only looks great but will stand up to lots of normal use.

The installed pod now weighs 12.8ozs installed (as pictured).   This makes the MPOD the lightest F class suitable pod I am aware of. By comparison, a Harris BR – S 6 to 9″ bipod weighs 13.8ozs on the same scale.   If you want to save even more weight, you can swap in bolts for the knobs and that will cut another 1.5oz off the total!!!

The MPOD is designed for forends up to 2.55″.  We now offer plates for  wider (3″ forends) or narrower (1.5″ sporter forends).  Other custom features like longer legs, different feet, stronger design (orig supported 200lbs but still onlyweighed 20ozs), etc are all possible.

MPOD REVIEW Targetshooter07-12

Read a product review in the July 2012 edition of the Target Shooter UK Ezine

Ease of assembly and use have been retained. Stability and Strength will exceed anything an F class shooter (most shooters for that matter) will need – the MPOD easily supports a 50lbs rifle.  No problem with bigger boomers either.

The lowest height is 4 1/2″ suitable for bench work and raised berms when shooting prone

At full elevation, you have 7 3/4″ to the mounting lug.  For most rifles, you can shoot on a flat surface and still get into a comfy position.

Best part, the MPOD gets a wider footprint for improved stability the more you raise the pod.  Most ski pods pull their legs in to raise the rifle.  That makes the rifle even more tippy.

Uneven ground?  The MPOD can handle a 4″ difference between legs and still stand.

Stores flat in your rifle case making it easy to get to and from the range.

MOUNTING OPTIONS: Will work with both commonly found T slot rails ie Choate and Anschutz/Savage stocks

Swivel Stud adaptor now available – $20 with purchase of the MPOD. .  Will need 2 holes in stock or use the dual stud inserts.  The short rail has hole spacing 1.5″ to 2.6″ C t C.  The long rail has spacing 2.5″ to 3.6″ C t C.  This should cover most any rifle stock but we can make custom rail at addn costs.

Add a Harris rail stud adaptor to retain the use of a sling.

Adaptor for Picantinny rail mounting now available – $45 with purchase of POD

Adaptor for Remple pod can be ordered for $15 with purchase of MPOD.  Allows you to use the orig mounting plate and stock adaptor

MPOD Design Goals:

  • Improved geometry to reduce the affects of torque during recoil for consistent tracking and follow through
  • Easy to operate with large range of movements to account for varied terrain.
  • Easy to install and remove -  Solid with great repeatability and accuracy potential.
  • Stability increasing with increased pod height which is opposite to a number of designs.
  • Keep finished weight as low as possible – 12.8ozs installed, yet strong enough to support heavy rifles and big boomers
  • Keep Price at the low side of competitor products.
  • Custom options like wider forend spacing, longer legs, even stronger design (orig supported over 200lbs), etc possible

We have certainly met and exceeded all of our design goals.  The range of movement covers a huge range of terrain. The pod is easily removed by loosening one central knob and sliding off the rail.  When clamped, it is fixed and will not move during recoil. As to the accuracy potential, we will let the videos speak for themself.

Shooting at 300m

Shooting at 500m

Shooting at 500m

INSTALLED WEIGHT  12.8ozs.  Harris BR – S 6-9″ weighs 13.8ozs on the same scale.  That makes the MPOD one of the lightest pods you can use on an F class rifle.  More weight for barrels, scopes and stocks.

ONLY $250 PLUS SHIP AND TAX. International sales available.

Dealer and Distributor enquiries welcomed.  Contact me at


Proudly Manufactured in Canada.

We are very happy to announce Fox Firearms as our UK dealer for the MPOD.  Already instock with more on the way.  Please click on the banner for a direct link to their website and contact info.

We look forward to developing more dealers around the world.  Contact me at

Price: $250.00

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