Sightron SII Big SKY 36X42 Dot

Even though it has a front AO, this is a new gen scope and shares many desireable traits with the SII Big Sky scopes. Image focus is easy to dial in and fine adjustment to account for varying distances is no problem

Compared to the older SII and Weaver 36X, this scope has a wider field of view, better resolution and clarity. Sightron has really improved the optical qualities of these scopes and it is very obvious when you use them. Seeing through mirage is also much better then ‘old gen’ scopes.

The eyepiece is very easy to see through to get a full view. Eye relief is HUGE. Some Hunting scopes would love to have this much eye relief.

I have used the FCH which is really fine (DISCONTINUED). It covers approx 1/8″ at 300m so fine tuning your aim is not an issue

The target dot version is ideal for SR BR and LR F class shooting.  Very small dot with super fine crosshairs will appeal to those who do not want an obstructed view of the target.

Lots of elevation and windage adjustment in the desireable 1/8″ min clicks. Tracking was excellent in my scope. A trait I have found in all the Sightron scopes I have used.  The turret markings are also useable for LR dialing

For those that would consider a Weaver 36X or SII BRD, this is a great upgrade and justifies the higher costs.


Most other SII Big SKY scopes are available so let me know what you are looking for.

DOT Reticle – $725

FCH Reticle – $690 limited availability

Price: $731.00

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