Bulk Match and FMJ Bullets

Check back often as I will be adding plenty of bulk bullets for Rifle and Handgun from manufactures like Hornady, PRVI, Magtech, and ARMSCOR

BULK BULLET DEALS: ¬†Prices current as of Sept 9, 14… SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE… Email me for any changes

Smaller volumes are available: 100 and 500 lots.

Hornady 22cal 55gr fmj and sp. Great for AR’s and varminters – $135/1000. Discount for larger volumes. Taking backorders

ARMSCOR 22CAL 55gr and 62GR FMJ w/Cann. Great for AR’s – $135/1000.

PRVI 55GR AND 62GR FMJ  $145/1000
PRVI 50GR AND 55GR SP $150/1000

These have been super popular with AR/Semi and varminters. Reports of very good accuracy. Stock up now for next season while the dollar is strong and supplies are available.

PRVI 308 150gr FMJ and SP $ 340/1000

Hornady 308 150gr FMJ $275/1000 or $145/500.

Hornady 308 110gr FMJ for the M1 Carbine. $235/1000

PRVI 303 150gr FMJBT $315/1000

Hornady 303 174gr BTHP $305/1000.

BULK Handgun bullets from ARMSCOR, MAGTECH, BERRYS, Rem and Win – jacketed, and plated available

Price: $0.00

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