Bulk Match and FMJ Bullets

Check back often as I will be adding plenty of bulk bullets for Rifle and Handgun from manufactures like Hornady, PRVI, Magtech, and ARMSCOR


Due to the stronger Cdn dollar, check out the reduced pricing on the bullets above. 1 box to many thousand, no order too small or large. Please email for pricing on items not listed. Access to all bullets (HG and Rifle) from these manfs and a few others.

Smaller volumes are available: 100 and 500 lots.

ARMSCOR 22CAL 55gr and 62GR FMJ w/Cann. Great for AR’s – $125/1000.

PRVI 55GR AND 62GR FMJ (bevel cann) $130/1000
PRVI 50GR AND 55GR SP $150/1000

These have been super popular with AR/Semi and varminters. Reports of very good accuracy. Stock up now for next season while the dollar is strong and supplies are available.

PRVI 308 150gr FMJ and SP $225/1000. Lowest priced 30cal bullets in Canada.

Hornady 308 150gr FMJ $240/1000 or $130/500.

Hornady 308 110gr FMJ for the M1 Carbine. $250/1000

PRVI 303 150gr FMJBT $275/1000

Hornady 303 174gr BTHP $305/1000.

Hornady 303 150gr SST $350/1000

Hornady 7.62X39 (310cal) 123gr Vmax – yes a poly tipped varmint bullet for your SKS $250/1000

Hornady 7.62X39 (310cal) 123gr FMJ $285/100

Hornady 22cal 55gr fmj and sp. Great for AR’s and varminters – $160/1000. Discount for larger volumes. Taking backorders

BULK Handgun bullets from ARMSCOR, MAGTECH, BERRYS, Rem and Win – jacketed, and plated available

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